Other Practice Areas

TF Matlakala Inc Attorneys

Family Law

We deal with a range of family laws. We are passionate about this line of service as this is a foundation of law that affects an individual and families dignity.

Our Family Law covers:

  • Divorce and Separations
  • Contact and maintenance matters in confidence
  • Child access, Parental right and responsibilities
  • Adoption processes
  • Customary and Civil Marriage Disputes
  • Women’s Rights
  • Family mediation, support and family arbitration.
Commercial Law

Commercial agreements are the core of any business, from sole traders to global corporations. They provide a framework within which the parties can operate, without the need for regulation. A skillfully constructed contract will protect the client’s interests, minimize risks, increase profitability and avoid the need for expensive litigation. It can be the difference between success and failure.

TF Matlakala is an expert when it comes to commercial contracts, outsourcing and joint ventures law firm. We ensure we protect the common purpose for joint venture arrangements as well as supporting partners to disengage when needed for an orderly exit. The joint ventures that work best are the ones where each party is as committed to its partner’s achievement of objectives as it is its own.

Our team at TFM has experience in drafting every type of commercial contract including:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Shareholder agreements
  • User rules and privacy policies
  • Concession Agreements

The Business Law Department works closely with other departments across the firm, where necessary, producing a wide range of other contracts such as employment contracts, leases and other commercial property agreements.

Property and Real Estate

TF MATLAKALA Incorporated offers a range of services relating to property and real estate throughout the country. Our expertise includes:

  • Transfer of properties
  • Registration of mortgage and notarial bonds
  • Subdivision of property
  • Property development including township establishments
  • Servitudes
  • Retrenchments
  • Rental and eviction

We offer a wide range of services in all areas of insurance including:

  • Insurance litigation
  • Claim and policy advice
  • Contractors all risk
  • Fidelity
  • Fire
  • Guarantee
  • General and product liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Personal injuries
  • Asset insurance
  • Plant and other specific projects
  • Transit and warehouse men policies
  • Personal injury
  • Professional negligence
  • Personal injuries
  • Medical negligence
  • High profile criminal cases
Wills,Trusts and Estates

We have expertise in all aspects of estate planning, administration of estate and trusts. Our expertise includes:

  • Winding up of deceased estates
  • Adminisitration testamentary trusts and inter vivos trusts
  • Banking
  • Corporate and commercial
  • Insolvency
  • Insurance
  • Product liability
  • Professional negligence
  • Personal injuries
  • Medical negligence
  • High profile criminal case
Public law and Regulatory Matters

At TF MATLAKALA Incorprated, we have experience in advising private and state clients on the interpretation and application of laws. On administrative actions we advise clients on a range of issues including government procurement policies, request for access of information held by government and private entities Supply Chain Management policy drafting and compliance thereof.

  • Local Government and Public law
  • Property Law and Land Reform
  • Legislative and Administrative Law
  • Supply chain management litigation
  • Legal opinion on procurement options and irregularities
  • Municipal bylaws
    Corporate Governance
  • Town planning and Building Regulations

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