Medical Negligence & Occupational Injury

TF Matlakala Inc Attorneys

Medical negligence is highly on the rise and often costs patients a lot of money. This occurs when a health professional or any medical staff entrusted and authorized to conduct medical procedures is in violation of acceptable standards of treatment in the medical profession.
We have extensive experience in representing victims of medical negligence through settlements negotiation and litigation. Claims can be instituted against the following or more:

  • Medical devices on the body
  • Birth Injury Claims
  • Sciatic Nerve Damage Claims
  • Medical product failure

Basis of claim will be if the victim has sustained injuries because of the misconduct of the health professional or sustained financial damage. The victim must be able beyond reasonable doubts prove that injury was sustained due to the health professional’s misconduct and negligence. We will evaluate the strength and weakness of your case and advice on a suitable course of action moving forward.

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